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Next up… Darren Christian!

October 10, 2011

Darren and Luis came in together on 24HCD, took a seat in the corner opposite each other and could hardly wait for the countdown to get started. At the speed they were working I was afraid they might get the job done in a few hours time. Luckily they slowed down but they had me invent rule #2 of 24HCD. Rule #1 is 24 pages, rule #2 is 24 hours! You can finish the 24 pages but you must still sit out the 24 hours! I think it slowed them down a little.. Still, by about 6am they were done, which was still 8 hours before the finish!

Click here to read Darren Christian – A New Beginning

My name is Darren Christian, i work in the film and commercial industry as a free lance concept and storyboard artist. I always wanted to make the transition into comic books,mostly because i want to share my own stories.Comic books are a great way to stretch your imagination and bring people into your own personal universe.I feel like it is a very powerful medium.The best part of this competition was meeting so many like minded individuals all with their own amazing stories to share.It was also amazing to see that a comic book community does exist, we just need more events like this to bring everyone together.Who knows how big it can be!


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