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24HCD presents.. Adriano Giovanelli

October 7, 2011

We first met Adriano in Grahamstown where he was our own private super hero. As we (a team of 5 people) were setting up the Co/Mix exhibition and preparing the workshops, restraining from killing each other not-so-softly, trying to survive the worst winter ever experienced on this side of the planet, Adriano was our bold super hero coming to the rescue every time again.

Turns out that besides from being a technical wizz, he’s in animation, he can draw and he’s got some really mad ideas for artworks.

Adriano came all the way from Johannesburg to participate in the 24HCD. He didn’t finish his 24 pages but left us with a conundrum. No 24 pages but the work is so good, he deserves a prize. Then again,the first rule number of 24HCD is quite clear: 24 pages in 24 hours.. so no prize for Adriano but congratulations from the jury! We hope you find the time to finish the story one day and have it published.


To view the full story click here: Adriano

Adriano page 1

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  1. October 7, 2011 9:29 am

    Yo! Adriano…Wicked work mate well done!

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