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24HCD presents.. Ashley Jewnarain

October 6, 2011

24HCD started at 14h45. Around midnight Ashley got up from his chair and came to say hi to me. That’s when he asked me where he could find the toilet.. By nine in the morning he had finished about 12 pages, beautifully and painstakingly detailed pages. He had to finish another 12 pages in 5 hours time.. And he made it!

“I’m a durban born artist and i’m crazy about comics. I wasn’t born on a planet that exploded, and my parents didn’t send me here in a spaceship as a baby to eventually grow into some snazzy blue tights. It was amazing to see the results of such a pressure cooker of talent and urgency. All of the guys produced really groovy strips in distinct visual styles and i was pretty surprised with what i was able to achieve within 24 hours. It really extends the horizon of what’s possible with a little time, some paper, drawing materials, and an eager imagination. ”

Check his full comic here:  Ashley Jewnarain

Cover Ashley Jewnarain

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  1. October 6, 2011 8:47 am

    Great stuff Ashley! well done for completing the 24 pgs

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