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Blank Toy Workshops

June 24, 2011

Come to one of our Blank Toy Workshops and create your very own plush character from a blank. The workshops are run by Pete and Elaine Woodbridge of Woo-men Plush Toys. These two designers just love to create new characters and experiment with materials and they will help you to get the creative juices flowing. You’ll be able to choose a stuffed toy from various shapes and colours and then set about customizing it. As you go you’ll be wondering just who or what is coming to life in your hands. By the end your character will have a name, and a whole set of characteristics (including some bad habits) that will be completely unique, all thanks to you – the maker!

From some of our previous workshops:

Here we have Miss Muffy with Yellow Bollock Boy (some markers, bits of old fabric, fur scraps, crayons and an old kitchen glove plus lots of artistic flair helped to create this fine pair):


Free of Duties‘ was created entirely out of those free things they give you on airplanes (well, except for the eyes) such as socks and a swizzle stick, as well as meal tray stickers.

From one of our previous workshops with young adults:

Rosela the Princess who loves Roast Chicken and lives in the centre of a galaxy. She’s one of my favourites because she is so messed up.

And here we have Sophie who, although she lives in a castle, loves to eat snails and raw fish like a real wild woman.

At our Blank Toy workshops you will be able to use paint, markers, fur, glue and a whole range of haberdashery goody-gaffs and knickknacks all provided by us. Implements such as needles and scissors will be available and you’ll be free to customise your toy as gently or as madly as you like. It will be the most absorbing three hours you ever spent at the Festival and you will be able to take your toy home afterwards. Our workshops are for all ages, men and ladies alike.



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