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Alphabet Pet

June 20, 2011

A while ago me and Norman had a coffee date with a lady from a publishing company. We did this because I had mentioned to her my ever lasting desire of becoming real life illustrator. She concluded our meeting by mentioning that I should practise drawing people and animals.. because that’s what publishing companies want (.. fair enough)

So I came up with this ingenious idea .. to draw a pet for every letter of the alphabet… hence

APLPHABET PET! (similar to alphbetti spaghetti, but somewhat dfferent-er)


T - is for Tao the cat

Stephanie van Vuuren me and norman
W – is for Wednesday the Dog











 I figure I’ll make millions with pet owners.. easy target market.


 ..Furthermore, I must tell you a sweet story about about a young gentleman who attempted to start up a business with guinea pigs. His theory was “if one guinea pig costs R40, imagine if I had 40 guinea pigs!!! Then I’d have R1600!”

Sadly to say though, the two originally purchased guinea pigs passed away within the first week of keeping them.

A theory about breeding with marmotte

een marmot R40, 40 marmotte R1600!

Lastly, a personal favourite, man in a bearsuit

Wayne Simpson

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