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Two Witches get Colour

June 19, 2011

I finally got round to adding colour to my Antjie Donder and Mevrou Karwats (or is it Mrs Muller?) drawings.  I wanted to use a method similar to a colour lino-cut print; layers of colour overlapping, with the gaps in one colour revealing the colour beneath.

I put a “multiply” blending mode on the linework layer to knock out the white areas but keep the black line.  Then  I created 10 solid colour layers under it, and used layer masks to hide each layer.  Then, I painted with white and black on the layer masks until the whole image was filled with colour.  Some of the top layers are partly translucent.  I discovered a useful keyboard short-cut: “X” while using the brush swops foreground and background colours.  This is great when working on the layer masks because it means you can switch between black and white while you paint.

Here is the (possibly) final coloured version:

Some details:


There are worse things than spending a rainy winters morning drawing while listening to an audiobook.  I had fun with this drawing too, although it was more difficult choosing the colours for this witch. She is more civilized than Antjie Donder, and needed colder colours.

I cant wait to see these drawings printed.  I’m planning to sell digital prints of both the black and white and colour versions at the Grahamstown exhibition.  One more week before we leave so I’ll have to get moving if I want to get these printed in time!

Here are some details.  The crows were supposed to be the indigenous “Wit Bors Kraai”  we get here in South Africa. But apart from not having white breasts, these birds are not nearly bulky enough to be the indigenous kind.   I think these crows come from Europe, like their mistress.

I did manage to work in some roses into the drawing.  The drawing is based on a story called “Thorn Rose”, so the roses are quite important.  Roses and thorns are important, I should say!

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  1. June 19, 2011 8:37 pm

    They look lovely, thanks for the technical info …

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