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Artist Feature: JP Kalonji

April 14, 2011

We are planning a series of artist features, starting with our visiting artists from overseas. First up is our friend JP.

Jean-Philippe (JP) Kalonji was born with a pencil in his hand in the Democratic Republic of the Congo but has been living in Geneva, Switzerland since 1973. JP first published illustrations portraying his unique view of urban culture through publishers Atoz and Paquet (Street Nations, Jungle Blues). He delivered a profound critique of Genevese society through illustration (Helvethika series) and poetry (Mélancholie), tackling contemporary history and comedy (O’Malley series). JP then turned to the classics and to the Western seen through modern eyes in Las Chicas. His works, which are sold all over Europe and the French-speaking world, have also been exported to other countries. Not only has he contributed to a Swiss (Passage) and a Swedish (Nada Magazine) art magazine, but he has also collaborated with Sony Records for CD cover art. He recently signed up with Dark Horse in the USA for his publication ’365 Samurai and a few bowls of rice’. His book has sold out in Australia, NYC and London. I hope JP can find a few copies to bring to Co/Mix!

Visit JP’s Blog and Web Site

I first met JP when he came to South Africa to help facilitate a series of Master Classes with Andy Mason in 2010. Also facilitating were Co/Mix artists Jesse Breytenbach and Pete Woodbridge. Here are some pics and links associated with that unique event. Below are Andy Mason and JP brainstorming, and JP getting down to some intense illustration.


Petrified Artists Produce the Goods

CCIBA Master Class on You Tube

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