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In Search of the Buffalo Citizen

April 11, 2011

Me by me a while ago, formal and severe. The tie was there by design, but the look is something that always seems to happen when I use a mirror. Maybe it's how people always see me, I've just realized.

Hello all! My/our posts will grow in volume and frequency with the project we’re working on. Actually I tried this posting a week ago but messed up; I’m getting there…

As I look at the site I realize there are more than generation gaps between the various participants/invitees in this venture. ND Mazin’s delightful first rant about visual narrative reminds me how many questions I’ve heard about this concept, gaps caused by trying to understand it. For me it’s something that happens whether we like it, want it to, or not… the narrative is embedded in our work from the outset.

Anyway, I’m sharing this project with Andrew Mogridge (we also collaborated for Off the Wall 2007, Durban). I think we’ll also share this blog, it could turn out to be a dialogue between us, exchanging thoughts as the work evolves.

We’re in search of the Buffalo Citizen. Buffalo City stretches across East London and surrounds: the search will be made at specific sights in sound (Andrew) and image (me), and documented in an artists’ book whose pages will be seen and heard at the show.

I’ll be using my printmaking studio for the work. Right now I’m enjoying the mix of monotype with drawing. Having worked a lot in woodcut lately, this new/quick mix not only refreshes with the spontaneity of monotype, but brings me back to drawing, my abused, neglected mistress.

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