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The Co/Mix Gallery Shop

March 24, 2011

We’ve been mentioning the Co/Mix shop all along and I’m sure you’re dying to know what we have in mind. Well, basically a ‘pop-up shop’ within the exhibition space where merchandise from our artists (and possibly a few invitees) will be available in a lower price range (R50 to R300) compared to the exhibition itself. This gives the public coming to the show a chance to buy some small memento, or gift, even if they’re not in the market to buy art, and our artists a chance to sell their goods other than art. Actually, I’m not really sure where the dividing line is between ‘product’ and ‘art’ but hopefully we’ll find it in the course of setting up this show!

Participation in the shop is voluntary, but it would cool for any of our artists who have developed products to bring them out. We want the shop to look attractive but simple, to be professionally run and to create some excitement. We want people to spend their money at our exhibition. The kinds of product we would think would work are prints, comics, books, toys, mugs, gift cards, caps, t-shirts, trinkets, stationery, purses, posters and so on. Talk to us about what you have!

 In order to market our exhibition and have more opportunities to sell our products, Co/Mix has made a totally RAD deal with comedians Corne and Twakkie and The Most Amazing Show. We’re gonna be selling their merchandise in our Co/Mix shop and at their evening performances, and they’re gonna be promoting Co/Mix at their shows. Believe it because its true! We’re very excited about this and will continue looking for innovative ways to promote Co/Mix and the Shop.

 Now, similarly to Lieve’s last post about transporting the art works, I’m gonna be asking you for information about your products so that we can plan the transport of the merchandise up to Grahamstown in our trusty van, as well as figure out what kind of display furniture we’re gonna need. We need to know what you’re sending, and how big that box will be. Once again there will be an update email planned for tomorrow 25th March to give you all the details about how the shop will operate and a form to fill out about your art works and merchandise.

The person to speak to about the shop is Elaine (Moi) so give me a call with any shop issues and questions.

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  1. April 19, 2011 2:06 pm

    i really do love Corne and Twakkie @_@ since I was a lot smaller @_@ oh wow @_@

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