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January 24, 2012

Artwork around AFRICAN SUITE comic book diary project

November 7, 2011






Hi everyone, i show you old sketches of my research for the diary called African Suite .

the style totally change…



Down Below

its the new  version .

 This panel scene of the airport was exhibit  during the last Grahamstown national art fest 2011 .

watercolor technic.

more soon

best to all jpk

stay creative peace

The winning comic of 24HCD! Luis Tolosana

October 20, 2011

Enough suspense and waiting! Here’s number one, the winning comic by Luis Tolosano!

Luis Tolosano



24HCD presents in third place.. Tino!

October 13, 2011

First off, an apology to Craig who’s work I haven’t put up yet. He finished the 24 pages and I scanned his work but then I lost a few scans so the comic is no longer complete. Craig, if you read this, please get in touch with me so I can properly scan your work and still put it up on the blog.

And in happier news, it is time to announce the winners of the 24HCD! In third place we have a guy with a very funny story!

Meet Tino!

No, that’s not Tino’s cover. It is actually a warning that there is somewhat explicit content in Tino’s pages. You are hereby warned..

Now read on! For the full story click here

Next up… Darren Christian!

October 10, 2011

Darren and Luis came in together on 24HCD, took a seat in the corner opposite each other and could hardly wait for the countdown to get started. At the speed they were working I was afraid they might get the job done in a few hours time. Luckily they slowed down but they had me invent rule #2 of 24HCD. Rule #1 is 24 pages, rule #2 is 24 hours! You can finish the 24 pages but you must still sit out the 24 hours! I think it slowed them down a little.. Still, by about 6am they were done, which was still 8 hours before the finish!

Click here to read Darren Christian – A New Beginning

My name is Darren Christian, i work in the film and commercial industry as a free lance concept and storyboard artist. I always wanted to make the transition into comic books,mostly because i want to share my own stories.Comic books are a great way to stretch your imagination and bring people into your own personal universe.I feel like it is a very powerful medium.The best part of this competition was meeting so many like minded individuals all with their own amazing stories to share.It was also amazing to see that a comic book community does exist, we just need more events like this to bring everyone together.Who knows how big it can be!


24HCD presents.. Adriano Giovanelli

October 7, 2011

We first met Adriano in Grahamstown where he was our own private super hero. As we (a team of 5 people) were setting up the Co/Mix exhibition and preparing the workshops, restraining from killing each other not-so-softly, trying to survive the worst winter ever experienced on this side of the planet, Adriano was our bold super hero coming to the rescue every time again.

Turns out that besides from being a technical wizz, he’s in animation, he can draw and he’s got some really mad ideas for artworks.

Adriano came all the way from Johannesburg to participate in the 24HCD. He didn’t finish his 24 pages but left us with a conundrum. No 24 pages but the work is so good, he deserves a prize. Then again,the first rule number of 24HCD is quite clear: 24 pages in 24 hours.. so no prize for Adriano but congratulations from the jury! We hope you find the time to finish the story one day and have it published.


To view the full story click here: Adriano

Adriano page 1

24HCD presents.. Ashley Jewnarain

October 6, 2011

24HCD started at 14h45. Around midnight Ashley got up from his chair and came to say hi to me. That’s when he asked me where he could find the toilet.. By nine in the morning he had finished about 12 pages, beautifully and painstakingly detailed pages. He had to finish another 12 pages in 5 hours time.. And he made it!

“I’m a durban born artist and i’m crazy about comics. I wasn’t born on a planet that exploded, and my parents didn’t send me here in a spaceship as a baby to eventually grow into some snazzy blue tights. It was amazing to see the results of such a pressure cooker of talent and urgency. All of the guys produced really groovy strips in distinct visual styles and i was pretty surprised with what i was able to achieve within 24 hours. It really extends the horizon of what’s possible with a little time, some paper, drawing materials, and an eager imagination. ”

Check his full comic here:  Ashley Jewnarain

Cover Ashley Jewnarain

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